Sculpture, Glass

Size: inches 19.6 W x 27.5 H x 0.8 D

It is a mirror with dimensions of 27.55 x 19.68 inches that performs its normal function of reflecting the image in front of it, in this case the subject himself who, looking at the artwork, becomes the protagonist of it that portrays him.
The dimensions of the mirror are not random; in fact, this format (one of the most used in painting) allows you to mirror yourself half-length standing in front of it by a distance of 19,68 inches from it, focusing your attention only on yourself.
Imagining the mirror as a painting, specifically a portrait, distorts the very concept of the time limit that fixes the image now inevitably belonging to the past. “You” on the other hand is a portrait of the “here and now”, an eternal present that manifests itself only when you look in the mirror: the first portrait of that exceeds the limit of time.
The work of art is shipped with the certificate of authenticity.


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