Antonino Siragusa, born in 1980 in Messina, graduated in Philosophy with honors, lives between New York and his hometown where he works artistically by the shores of the Strait of Messina.
Painter, photographer, videomaker, composer, multi-instrumentalist Antonino Siragusa is a 360 degree artist.
Known to the public as a musician, he initially began his career as a painter, exhibiting his works in an exhibition called “Images” in June 2019 in Messina. In March 2020 he displayed his paintings again at the “Arte Cavour Gallery” with a show titled “Land & Sand”.
In June 2020, his works were included in a collection curated by the renowned on line Gallery, Saatchi Art, reaching the homes of international collectors.
In September 2020, he exhibited in Taormina at his own studio.
On March 9, 2021, the American Gallery Saatchi Art named him “Artist of the Day” by publishing the recognition on the most important social networks.
He received the national award “Messina city of art”, his hometown, for artistic achievements.

On March 25, 2022, he was awarded by Cirs during the international award ceremony Maria Celeste Celi, and his painting titled “BBH” was displayed at the Regional Museum of the City of Messina.
From 9 to 12 April, 2022, he inaugurated his exhibition titled “The 4 elements” at the Arte Cavour Gallery.
From May 6 to May 11, 2022, his piece “Make sport not war” was exhibited at Palazzo Zanca, headquarters of the Municipality of Messina, during the artistic event held during the Giro d’Italia cycling race.
In December 2022, the traveling exhibition “Sicily” was set up at the Palazzo della Cultura in Messina, followed by Palazzo Cagnone in Francavilla di Sicilia from February to March 2023, and at the Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano in Taormina in June and July 2023.
On June 13, 2023, the artist signed a contract with the prestigious New York art gallery “Lux Contemporary” located in the heart of Manhattan. His conceptual painting “Headphones” is displayed alongside works by the most important contemporary and modern artists like Banksy, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Mr. Brainwash, to name a few.
In July 2023, the artist Antonino Siragusa was included in the program for the prestigious “Taomoda” event, presenting the preview of a personal exhibition entitled “In an expression of inexpressible” at the Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano. The event concluded with a gala evening at the Ancient Theatre in Taormina.
Also in July 2023, the traveling exhibition “Sicily” continued at the Palazzo D’Amico in Milazzo.
From August to October 2023, his paintings were exhibited at the grand Hotel Miramare in Taormina in a personal anthological exhibition.
In October 2023, the personal exhibition of the artist Antonino Siragusa, titled “Myths and legends of Sicily” took place at the Regional Library of Messina.
In November 2023, in Manhattan, he realized a photographic portrait of the New York writer Anthony M. Laura for his book titled “Shadows” for which the author is also the director of the Broadway play with the same name.
On November 16, 2023 Antonino Siragusa performed as a musician during the inauguration of the collective exhibition “Matter Over Mind” at the Gambit Works Gallery on 6th Avenue in New York City.